U.sentric's mission is to help organisations become (even) more customer-centered. We do this because we believe that customer-centered organisations outlast the competition, and provide superior value to customers.

Our role in the project

u.sentric supports the understanding of stakeholder needs in Invest4Nature. This means we will engage with the various stakeholders and map what they expect, and how we can meet those expectations. Moreover, we will involve those stakeholders in a co-creative manner to build the future of nature-based solutions (NBS). 

To enable that, we support:

  1. The identification of stakeholders 
  2. Investigate the readiness of the market regarding NBS 
  3. Co-create a NBS co-development workspace 

u.sentric helps organizations to:

  • Blue forests such as kelp forest and sea grass are important coastal habitats, providing important ecosystem functions and services such as fishery production, carbon storage and sequestration, wave damping, nutrient regulation, and recreation. Norwegian kelp ecosystem restoration was one of the three cases for social economic analysis in the H2020 project MERCES , where both costs and benefits have been evaluated for various restoration measures, and part of the on-going H2020 project FutureMARES.

Annita Beysen