Melomys Advisory

Melomys Advisory (MA) is a specialized consulting firm working in three key areas:  

  • Sustainable Finance

  • Responsible Value Creation

  • Resilient Ventures

Our role in the project

Melomys Advisory will support the engagement with the investor community and building the case for investment in nature, integration with EU sustainable finance framework, as we all as contribute to research on advancing valuation methods of natural capital. 

Melomys Advisory’s expertise lie in:

  • Supporting private and public sector entities in the development of sustainable finance frameworks by supporting public policy development on sustainable finance and directing private capital flows towards sustainable economic activities, as well as helping sustainable projects and businesses access responsible investment capital, including by promoting investment in nature.

  • Advancing the development of corporate sustainability frameworks and standards and assists mandatory and voluntary compliance or alignment in key markets internationally.

  • Assists with climate impact and vulnerability assessments and building resilience to climate change impacts, including through the deployment of nature-based solutions.
    Melomys Advisory is dedicated to mainstreaming natural capital within sustainable finance, investment, policy-making and corporate responsibility approaches and initiatives while engaging in academic research on the subject

Linda Romanovska

Melomys Advisory