Horizon Nua

Horizon Nua (HNUA) is a non-profit foundation inspiring and enabling people, policymakers, and practitioners to make the transition towards a nature-positive economy. We believe that radical change will only come about by empowering people. We advocate for nature-based enterprises, supporting their growth and development while working with decision-makers at all levels to embed support for this fast-growing sector into sustainable economic and environmental policies. We work with the public and private sectors to drive the growth of the nature-positive economy – supporting businesses, governments and others to drive transformation towards improving the state of nature and regenerating ecosystem services. 

Our role in the project

Horizon Nua is involved in several work packages in Invest4Nature. We are working on taking stock of current evidence and knowledge of the economic and financial performance and financing approaches of NBS and hybrid NBS in Europe. We are co-developing innovative agile approaches to engage stakeholders from design and conception, through analysis and testing, to final development and market-readiness of Invest4Nature tools and processes. Specifically, we will ensure the voice of nature-based enterprises are represented through the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform. 

Finally, Horizon Nua will lead the activities to support the further growth and development of the nature-based economy. This will be achieved by working with the regional partners and living labs to develop a nature-based entrepreneurship support strategy and then with nature-based enterprises to further develop skills and capacity to boost growth and sustainability.  

Isobel Fletcher

Horizon Nua