Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change

The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) is an Italian research institute devoted to investigating and modelling our climate system and its interactions with society. CMCC provides reliable, rigorous, and timely scientific results that stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment and develop science-driven adaptation and mitigation policies in a changing climate.   

Our role in the project

As a project partner, CMCC is mainly involved in the development of the conceptual framework for valuing NBS. CMCC also contributes to empowering the consortium for stakeholder engagement and creation of an NBS market by investigating and providing evidence of concrete data for further understanding of NBS financing and economics.

CMCC’s Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies (RAAS) Division

Our Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies (RAAS) Division, primarily involved in Invest4Nature, brings together an interdisciplinary team of economists, environmental scientists/engineers and spatial planner experts in climate risk analysis, adaptation strategies and policies to focus on:
  • Blue forests such as kelp forest and sea grass are important coastal habitats, providing important ecosystem functions and services such as fishery production, carbon storage and sequestration, wave damping, nutrient regulation, and recreation. Norwegian kelp ecosystem restoration was one of the three cases for social economic analysis in the H2020 project MERCES , where both costs and benefits have been evaluated for various restoration measures, and part of the on-going H2020 project FutureMARES.

Jaroslav Mysiak 

Director of Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies Research Division