Aarhus Municipality

The city of Aarhus – Aarhus Kommune (AAKS) is the second largest city in Denmark and has 273.000 inhabitants, with a total of  341.000 inhabitants in the whole municipality. Aarhus Municipality is located on the coast and the city of Aarhus at the river outlet of the Aarhus River. Agricultural land and forested land account for 60% and 11% of the land area respectively, while protected areas including water surfaces cover 6% and settlements about 25% of the land. 

Aarhus Municipality has decided to double the total nature area in the municipality by 2030 and increase the area with forested land by 60% by 2030 to ensure drinking water provision and improve recreation, biodiversity, social habitation and health. It also focuses on improving accessibility to green areas to all citizens. 

Our role in the project

Aarhus Municipality is the owner of the NBS case in the region of Aarhus, Denmark. The living lab serves to provide data and inspiration from concrete NBS-cases and stakeholders.  

Lone Telling

Aarhus Kommune